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Are you looking for your next travel adventure? Do you need to know the must-see spots in a given city, or maybe you’re looking to go off the beaten path in a little-known European village? We have you covered.

My name is Sophie and I started this site as a 21 year old university student (I studied a course covering Ancient History, Philosophy, and French at UCL in London) , unsure about what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew is that I wanted to travel, explore the world, and share my findings.

For the past eight years, I’ve been exploring Europe and beyond in search of hidden gems, forgotten history, and beautiful destinations in order to share it all on this website! What started as a passion project has evolved into a go-to travel site for millions of readers all around the world. We now have over 1500 guides on the site!

I’m a British/ Canadian girl currently living in London, where I love snapping photos, drinking glasses of wine, and discovering lesser-known locations. Along the way, my French husband, Antoine, joined me in full-time adventures, and the full-time running of this site!

Ever since 2015, I’ve been taking photos and notes to share with you all of my best-kept secrets on this website! – Sophie Nadeau

fontaine de vaucluse chateau view
Sophie- founder, editor, writer, videographer
Antoine- editor, photographer, manager


极速赛车168开奖记录平台|168极速赛车正版官网计划 Travel Resources

As a travel writer of eight years, I have now found my go-to travel resources that I don’t ever travel without. Please note that this section contains affiliate links. Please check out my privacy policy and disclosure for more information. Here are some of our recommendations for booking your next trip:

Hotels: We often use in order to book our hotels as we like to keep all of our bookings in one place when we go travelling. We love that there is a huge selection of mainstream hotels as well as privately owned rentals, as well as the fact that you can often book a room that can be cancelled down the line should your plans change.

Car rentals: There are a number of different deals on the market at any given time, which is why I like to use a price comparison website such as Discover Cars in order to book a car rental.

Attractions and experiences: We book almost all of our guided tours, visits, and experiences via GetYourGuide . I have been using them for the past five years and love the variety of activities on offer, as well as the fact that you can read reviews in advance.

Our camera gear: The number one question we get asked is about our camera gear. I have been using Sony mirrorless cameras for over eight years and love the quality, versatility, and variety of lenses available. Almost all of our recent photos are taken on the Sony A7III . We do the first basic edits using our custom made presets for Adobe Lightroom .

Reading: Since I’m often travelling with hand luggage only and already have my suitcase/ backpack pretty full with camera equipment, I take along my Kindle in order to read books on the go (from the plane to the hotel pool, I truly take my e-reader everywhere).

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